Love Letter To Mali Part IV: Mopti

I flew to Mopti, and was met by Oumar (he and Camara drove to Mopti while I was touring Timbuktu).

On the way to the hotel he taught me some words in Bamara, the main language in Mali:

i ni sɔgɔma: Good morning.

To which I (a woman) would answer: Ntze.  A man would answer: Mba.

i ka kεnε wa?: How are you?

To which you respond: kεnε, tɔɔrɔ te, ko tε, tana tε.

After checking into the hotel, we headed off for the city tour.  Which was 100% walked.  What an amazing day.  I felt like a celebrity, with everyone waving and shaking hands.

All the kids (and some adults) shouted out what sounded like Tu Ba or Tu Babou  as I walked by, which Oumar said basically meant:  hey, white person!.  I immediately thought of Baloo from the Jungle Book, so I kept picturing myself as a big grey lazy jungle bear ambling through town.  That would be worth shouting about!!

I got to play hopscotch with some girls who we happened upon as they were playing!

Sunday is the day for weddings, so we saw lots of wedding parties.  I even danced in the streets with the women at one wedding ceremony, which I was picturing the big bear dancing with all the gorgeous women in festive clothes.  Funny image I couldn’t get out of my head.

We walked from 830-100, then stopped for lunch at a riverside restaurant.  The other 4 ladies were there, so I joined them and we all had grilled chicken and rice with an amazing tomato-onion sauce.  Delicious.  But, I had to spend 10 minutes flossing later.

Oumar and I took a river cruise along the Niger.  We had our own private boat, The Alligator, and stopped at a Bozo village and did more meet and greets (yes, I was Baloo the Bear walking along the island in the Niger in the Bozo village.)  One house had a solar panel and a TV with soccer on, which was pretty amazing.

I wonder if that house is still standing?  I wonder how that newly wed couple is doing?  Did they flee Mopti?  Did they stay put?

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