Welcome to Not on a Digitized Road: Part II

So, in my last entry I explained the charter for this blog.  But I’ve had people ask me about the name itself.

I spent most of my adult life working for NAVTEQ, a company that made digital maps for navigation.  So I’m a little bit of a geek when it comes to maps and navigation systems.

For anyone who has ever used a navigation system, and driven (or walked) beyond where the map has coverage, you were probably prompted with a message warning you that, “You are not on a digitized road,” meaning that the detailed directions will cease, and you are on your own until you return back to civilization.

A couple years ago I quit my job, and was taking a road trip through Kentucky, visiting friends and family.  As I was driving through the back roads, looking at the fall foliage, my navigation system warned me that I was…yep…no longer on a digitized road.

At that moment in my life, that rang very true, and sounded more profound than, I’m sure, the developers of the nav application had intended.  Sure enough, I was not on a digitized road.  I was about to embark on a year-plus of traveling the world.  And when I returned, I was going to try my hand at being an author.  This was all new to me: exciting and unchartered.

I have yet to turn back onto a digitized road — and I am loving every minute of it.

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